Mnemonic Verse for English Monarchs

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Last Modified: Nov 21 2020

While I don’t remember being taught this at school, both my Mum and Dad insisted they had learnt the Kings and Queens of England using this mnemonic verse (or a variant thereof).1

Willie, Willie, Harry, Stee,

Harry, Dick, John, Harry three;

One, two, three Neds, Richard two

Harrys four, five, six… then who?

Edwards four, five, Dick the bad,

Harrys twain VII VIII and Ned the Lad;

Mary, Bessie, James the Vain,

Charlie, Charlie, James again…

William and Mary, Anna Gloria,

Four Georges I II III IV, William and Victoria;

Ned, George, Ned, and George again,

And Bessie two, long may she reign!

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