Important Ancestors

This section contains biographies of some of my more intersting ancestors. Also I have included a section on the origin of the Nurse surname, both from an etymological approach as well as an analysis of the geographic distribution of the name in the last two centuries.

The furthest I can trace back my Nurse line to date is to William Nurse of Chew Stoke, who was born about 1675.

Whereas many researchers focus solely on their paternal ancestry, I have taken the approach that all ancestors are equal1 in importance and so you can also find information on my Taylor ancestors, the ancestors of Robert Francis Nurse's mother Ann Jane Taylor.

It is through the Taylors that I can trace my ancestry to the landed gentry and peers of England and Scotland, for example the Gordons of Scotland, the Luthers of Essex, the Dawtreys of Sussex, and to my most famous ancestor - Sir Thomas More.

  1. While I have done research on my immediate maternal line as well as for my paternal grandmother's line, at the moment this site is focussed on all the ancestors of my paternal great grandparents - Robert Francis Nurse and Sarah Elizabeth Nurse.


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